Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This is one of Bella's favorite phrases. It's great - she says it when she drops things and when she pulls my hair!

This also works out because Mom makes lots of "uh-oh's".

This past Gameday, Chris and I hung out with some neighbors. I had never been in their house, and they had a few other friends over - none of which we had ever met. First, Bella, Chris and I walk in ALL decked out in UGA gear. Bella looked cute as ever in a warm up that GG bought her. Chris had on his Red & Black, and I was sporting a Knowshon Jersey. We looked serious. We walk in and no one else was really even in the school colors. Not that it matters... but you know, first impressions - I was thinking "where's the school spirit" and they were probably thinking we were fanatics. Thanks for letting me set the scene.

So, I have worn this jersey a few times this season now. Since it is now fall, I wore a long sleeve shirt underneath. Half way through the game, it got hot. Maybe because we were getting killed by FL, or because I was chasing Bella while trying to eat a hot dog or maybe because it was just November in GEORGIA! Either way, I was pretty quick to take off that long sleeve shirt once I started to break a sweat. Anyhow, about an hour later, I realize - I have a jersey on!!! You can see right through the stupid thing!! No one knew me well enough to say anything. Nice. So, I ran to put the shirt back on.

When uploading these pictures, I got a nice laugh - you can see my nice pink bra and tummy sticking nicely over my jeans. Don't worry, the pictures have been cropped or deleted altogether. "Uh-oh!"

From 10/31/08-11/1/08
From 10/31/08-11/1/08


"GG" said...

Too funny! Loved the story, hated getting killed by FL - Love the guys are so photogenic!!! Love and miss you all!!!!

Kelly Ford said...

I cant belive chris didnt help his wife out! I'm sure he was too distressed by the game to notice your bra...

morgan collins said...

so how long did you walk around with your ta-tas hanging out?:)

Kelly Ford said...

Can i also add that i have a similar "uh-oh" story that i'll post soon. Possibly worse than yours... we'll compare, k? :-) So have no fear.

b green said...

Is that what happens after years of marriage? Your wife is showing the new neighbors her goodies and you don't even notice Chris. Nice job there hubby.

And I love Morgan, I am laughing out loud.