Friday, November 7, 2008

Visiting Chelsie and Yellow Sauce!

Monday I didn't have any plans in place. Bella didn't want to take her first nap. So I made a spontaneous decision to go visit my sister! On the way I called my mom and she jumped in the car with me in Lawrenceville. We ate at my favorite place in Athens, Inoko! YUM yellow sauce! Bella enjoyed it as well. I think she did anyhow - more of the rice ended up stuck on her pants and floor than she ate! Check out my mom's blog for even more pics from the day! It was a quick trip but we enjoyed seeing Aunt Chelsie!
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Julie said...

That was some fun stuff. Thanks for the invite!

Stacy said...

I have never been to that place but some girls that teach with me are ALWAYS talking about the "yellow sauce". I need to try it next time I am in Athens ;).

Kelly Ford said...

Thanks. Now i'm craving yellow sauce. Not a nice thing to do to a preggo girl, katie!
She's precious as always!

Ashley Davis said...

I love this picture! I bet she had tons of fun with her rice!