Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall at the Farm

From Fall at the Farm 2008
Northpoint Ministries had their annual "Fall at the Farm" on Thursday. It was great - Bella was able to see, touch and sit on a pony! (she loved her first horse sighting,loved if you remember!) We ate BBQ, had some funnel cakes, jumped on the moonwalk and visited with co-workers and friends. Oh, and who can forget, riding on Daddy's shoulders is THE BEST!
From Fall at the Farm 2008
From Fall at the Farm 2008
From Fall at the Farm 2008


morgan collins said...

look at chris stylin' and profilin'! very BC chris:)
and Bella is presh as always!

b green said...

I think I like your shirt Chris. I will finalize that choice today. I need a few moments. Oh, and Bella is as cute as always.

"GG" said...

Great pics! Love the shoulder pic...it made it this week's desk top pic! Love you all!