Monday, November 24, 2008

Seagrave's Wedding

From Seagraves' Wedding

Our friend Josh got married this weekend. It was Bella's first time attending a wedding. So, after about 3 minutes, that equaled Bella out of the sanctuary and crawling around the halls of the church while the wedding went on. She doesn't sit still very often these days.
Lucky for us, there was a high chair at the reception, so we were able to sit and talk a little bit! We took some pictures (sorry, they are all of us. We only knew one person there!)
From Seagraves' Wedding
From Seagraves' Wedding
From Seagraves' Wedding

Chris has been struggling with a terrible cold/flu. He's back at work today and feeling better though! I am glad Bella got the flu shot and we are happy Dad is back to normal.


morgan collins said...

cute dress:)

julie said...

I love the first pic! Love y'all!

kristymasterson said...

bella has on a cute dress! we need to take a picture of josie with it on too.

KC Giessen said...

I'm pretty sure Bella has hit up a wedding before. Just sayin'.....