Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a fun, exhausting, kid filled Christmas.
Here are some pictures.

Most exciting thing of all was Ryan and Melissa's engagement!! We were all hiding out when they got a picture in front of the Christmas tree downtown. I could not be happier for Ryan. There is nothing like seeing your sibling so happy. And we just all adore Melissa. They make such a great, happy, fun couple and I can't wait to see what God has in store for them! You can read more from her prespective, here.

This was our first Christmas in our own house for Christmas morning. It's still strange to us that we are parents and have two little kids. I wonder when that will sink in.

Santa brought Bella some dress up clothes. She was excited and said "Princess clothes!" She is also sporting her stocking stuffer hat & scarf along with the princess skirt and wand :) So cute!!

Farrah was snuggled a lot. Here she is with Gannie:

Here's Bella with a camera to be Dad's apprentice.

Between sweet Grandparents and Aunts/Uncles, Bella got a radio flyer tricycle, a bike with training wheels and a Barbie Jeep. She just needs a drivers license now.

Thankful for family.


Julie Tiemann said...

Oh my goodness, could Bella be more beautiful and stylin' in her winter wear? Love it! And the Barbie car - that's classic. Thank goodness for grandparents, huh?!

(By the way, has anyone told you that your husband looks like Finn on Glee?!)

Amber said...

Merry Christmas Katie! We should have a PJ party in our matching owl PJs. I've been living in mine since Chrismas Eve. Your fam looks so happy. It so fun to watch Bella grow!! She's so cute.

Scott and Katie said...

Christmas was so fun for us this year too! Love Bella's PJ's. Hope you have Happy New Year.

Melissa Gouge said...

I love the picture of you and Farrah...the one with her mouth open. Too dang cute!

"GG" said...

Very sweet! Congratulations to Melissa and Ryan!!!