Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Visit

Saturday, we visited Santa!

I wasn't sure Bella was going to love the jolly ol' man -- she was scared of the Chick-fil-a cow, but loved a life sized Elmo. She ran from the Santa stuffed toy and was scared of some mimes on TV Saturday. But, low and behold, she didn't cry! She actually just looked like a deer in headlights. We got this 2 second smile when Nana did a tap dance next to the camera:

Farrah slept soundly - she probably liked his soft coat!

Here are the past two years pictures: (2007, 2008)


morgan collins said...

good gracious I'd be scared of Santa if I was her...look at his face! he looks like he's about to bite her!
on another note...Bella's outfit is TURBO cute:)

Nana said...

Tap dancing gets them everytime! Things you will do for your grandchildren.