Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Decorating

Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Chris and I continued our tradition of getting a Christmas tree and decorating. This year, he had a great idea to go to a Christmas tree farm instead of our usual Lowe's tree. I can see how this is going to be a fun tradition!!!

The farm we went to had hayrides, goats you could feed (although I think they were full because they just ran away when you got close!), hot chocolate, and little red wagons to pull Bella in. You could cut your own Leland Cypress, but we love the Fraser Furs, so we went with a pre-cut one of those. It is a huge 9 ft beautiful tree!

And something I have been excited about ALL YEAR (no kidding!) is the white Christmas tree I bought the day after Christmas last year. I have been picturing this "girly" pink Christmas tree ever since I found out Farrah was a girl. It is so much fun! And I can just see us adding girly ornaments every year! :) Chris captured some pretty pics of Bella helping me decorate!

All I can say is if Farrah is 1/2 as sweet as my little Bella Reese, we are super super blessed!!!!!

Farrah was awake during most of this ... and Bella shared a bunch of her animals with her :)


Nana said...

Some really sweet pictures of sweet little girls.

"GG" said...

So much fun!!!! Love the traditions!!! Hope you all are well...having fun in Charlotte...yeah right...Love ya!

A Wolfe said...

Great pictures! Chris needs to be a photographer!

Melissa Gouge said...

Love Love Love it!!! I spy the stork onament! :)I am seriosly thinking of buying a white or pink tree now. I have a 3 ft tree and that just wont cut it this year!

Melissa Gouge said...

supposed to be ornament*** haha

Emily said...

wow you have AMAZING pictures of your girls! I wish I could borrow some of those photography skills from your husband!