Thursday, December 17, 2009

I ain't gonna lie

...two is hard.
Hard work, that is.
I start off the day (earlyyyy) with a bunch of energy.
Coffee and I have never been close. We are now BFF.
At the end of the day, I'm tired and on edge.
Doesn't help we are ALL getting thru colds.
But when I look at the sweet face of my 4 week old girl,
or now get a "I love you, mama" from my precious 26 month old,
I thank God and ask him to do it all over again tomorrow.

Then I fall asleep hard.

Not sure I would have it any other way.


Tara said...

LOVE the honesty! But sounds like you guys are hanging in there. Way to go Super Mom. Oh, and Coffee and I have now "bonded for life" relationship.

Rachael said...


Emily said...

haha i thought of rachael when i read that too!!! they are both BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Katie said...

Truer words have never been spoken (or typed)

Nana said...

Being a mom is the hardest & the most wonderful thing you can do with your life! That's why I did it 4 times over. Enjoy every minute! Love you...

Julie Tiemann said...

So so true... so true.

Your girls are BEAUTIFUL. I was cracking up tonight watching the Weekday Christmas program. That Bella of yours doesn't sit still! I think she and my Amelia might be friends one day.

Allison Wolfe said...

Most folks start drinking tons of coffee in college, but I've never drank so much in all my life! I don't even know if it does anything now! Farrah does not even look real - she looks like a doll!

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Makes me tear up reading that,Katie. You are so right. I only have one but I know that keeping up with just him takes every ounce of my energy. I'm sending you good thoughts right now for a great day tomorrow, super mom! :)

Sara Lovell

Rachel said...

Oh, how I remember how difficult it was to take care of both Phenix kids when Joy went back to work after Josh was born. It's literally TWICE as hard, and I got to leave at 5pm. But, it doesn't stay this hard for too long. Promise!
By the way, I almost couldn't tell the difference between the pics of Bella and Farrah at the same age. They look so much alike to me! Congrats on your beautiful, sweet baby girls!!