Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One month Appt & some pictures

Farrah had her 1 month appt today. She's gained 3 lbs and 2 whole inches!! Yay!!

Thought it would be fun to look at Farrah and Bella at one month. Sometimes they look similar to me, but they def have their own look!! Bella looks more like Chris to me, and thinking Farrah will favor me. Guess we'll see. They change so much so quickly!!!!




"GG" said...

And both are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for taking time to post...I know it's not easy with your busy busy schedule! Love yall!

morgan collins said...

I don't know, but Farrah's little baby belly is about to kill me....SO cute!

Katie said...

Hey girl. So good to be with y'all Friday night and so glad that our guys got some good time together today! Maybe we can hit up the spa or get our nails done together sometime soon! : )

The Jacobs Family said...

OK girl what are you feeding this child? I need to know. Jackson lost two pounds and has only gained back 8 ounces.