Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another flexi-baby sleeping position

I usually go check on her right after she's fallen asleep. About half of the time, she's like this. I move her legs into a normal person's position. ha! It doesn't wake her, and I figure she's less likely to wake up sore or something. At least, I'd be happy if someone did that for me.

And, those are drool spots. We're teething again, I believe!


Lindsey said...

check out this lady's blog (she's makes the cutest name signs!)

I think she and Farrah have lots in common!

Julie Tiemann said...

That is seriously so uncomfortable looking. You've gotta get that girl into some gymnastics as soon as she's old enough - you've got a future Olympian on your hands!

Melanie said...

OUCH! That is hurting me, just looking at her!!! :) I think I need to do some major yoga to get that flexible!

have a great day!