Sunday, October 24, 2010

My baby is 11 months!

Farrah turned 11 months last week. EEEEeee! Time to start party planning!
She's getting ready to walk. May still be a while, but she's "cruising" along furniture, and I'll catch her standing with no hands every now and then.
She's also learned how to climb stairs.
She's a turbo crawler.
Loves the outdoors. I remember Bella DID not like to touch grass at her age. Farrah doesn't mind.
She's learned to draw with chalk on the driveway with Bella. After a few bites, of course.
She's currently cutting tooth #6. And I didn'
She's eating great.
Very opinionated. You know what she wants. Usually, that starts with "M" and ends with "ommy". haha
She follows Bella around EVERYWHERE.
She plays well by herself. Sometimes I feel guilty that she doesn't get the same amount of attention from me that Bella did. But she's great.
I'm beginning to wean/she's started to wean... but she doesn't seem to want much of anything out of a sippy. Any advice is welcome. I figure she'll drink when she's thirsty. She'll have maybe a sip of water and a sip of milk before she's done.
What did I ever do without this sweet face?

And of course Bella's pic. She had to have Baby Tigger in the shot, too. ;)

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shea said...

She's so cute! And Bella is so big! I can't believe how fast they grow! I started giving Jae a sippy cup to play with when she was about 8 months old. Of course she didn't really use it until she was closer to Farrah's age. The best response I got from her was putting expressed milk in it and sitting with her and showing her how to use it. The other times I gave it to her with just a little bit of water. Jae never took a bottle so we just went straight to cups. She'll get it. Just keep offering it to her.