Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bella's Birthday Celebration #2


...After a nap that same Saturday... Bella had another party. It was a combined party celebrating herself, Chelsie and Eden (Keegan's girlfriend). They all have birthday's in the beginning of October.


She enjoyed her LeapFrog laptop, her dollhouse, and the "Loving Family" dolls and car.


Funny... I have been searching online for a deal on dollhouse. And I kept telling myself I needed to go out and look. Then my mom was at Goodwill (and she is sooo good at finding the best things there!), called me and said there were a couple there. After sending me pictures of two - we went with a three story one for $15! I was pumped. I love a good deal almost more than anything! :) My grandmother just happened to buy the "Loving Family" dolls and mini-van because she thought it looked like the 4 of us. Little did we know, they are made to go with the Fisher Price house! She has loved playing with this at home. Score!

I love this... Farrah is taste testing Bella's gift. So thoughtful :)

After burgers and hot dogs, we sang to all three of them. And do what we most often do at get togethers - have photo sessions. Almost everyone in the family likes having their picture taken. Like, they ask for them! You know, to freshen up their Facebook. :) Which is great since Chris likes to take them. So, he was shouting, "Free photo portraits outside!"

We were even able to get a few of the four of us. :) It's funny how you forget to do that a lot of time! I have to be conscious of grabbing the camera and taking some of the photographer sometimes as well.



I like these of Chelsie and I with Farrah


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