Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Bella is THREE!

Bella has had about a week and a half of celebrating with different parties. But she is officially three years old today, October 11th, at 8:36pm :)

We started the day with the traditional birthday pancake.
Chris and I had decorated the kitchen with pink streamers. She and Farrah loved it. :)
Nana and G-Daddy gave her an Easy Bake Oven for her birthday. They made a cake. Bella made sure to share it with everyone, even to save a piece for Daddy. :)
IMG_9705 IMG_9719
We celebrated at dinner tonight at Frontera. Farrah flipped out when people came up from behind her singing Happy Birthday in her ear.

More about the Birthday Princess and all her parties in a bit...


chelsie said...

katie she looks so old!! where has time gone? what an angel.

Scott and Katie said...

Can you believe they are 3?? Happy Birthday Bella!

morgan collins said...

the cake turned out awesome!

Julie Tiemann said...

She is just so pretty! Happy Birthday, Bella!