Friday, October 15, 2010

Bella's Birthday Celebration #1

We had a couple of family celebrations this year for Bella. Knowing that I have a 1st birthday to plan for next month, we decided to just do a family party this year. Then, with schedules, Mom's surgery (it went great! I'll post on that, too!), and Chelsie and Eden's birthday celebration already planned - we ended up having 2 in one day!! I think Bella thinks the whole month of OCTOBER is her birthday with all the celebrating we did :)

Saturday, October 2nd... we started with a Princess Party at GG and Poppy's house! GG had all kinds of princess apparel for Bella, Farrah, and cousin Gracie. She even had a Queen Halloween costume for me! We had pizza and a princess cake. Bella requested a green cake. It's her new thing that EVERYTHING be green "Because it's my last name." So, the inside was green :)
I was worried because right when we got to GG and Poppy's, Bella was super clingy and was running a temperature. I ran to CVS. Between some Tylenol, the pizza that came, cake and presents... she pepped up. We have been battling the "Carnie Cough" at our house since the beginning of Sept. (It was coined that because it happened around the time of the fair, although it didn't really start there) Ryan got the "Carnie Corndog Throat", but the rest of us just had the Carnie Cough. Everyone got it except Farrah, until now.
Anyways... haha

GG and Poppy hosted a fun party on a beautiful day. Bella played with her new gifts: a keyboard and mic, art/craft table, and a set of golf clubs! Oh, and the balloons that lasted for a couple of weeks - those were great!

GG giving some golf lessons

Aunt Molly with her princess boa

Aunt Renya and Rosie

Little Sister is next! :) She didn't mind being a princess with Bella for the day!

Thanks to GG for hosting! We had a blast celebrating with everyone!


Julie Tiemann said...

We believe in celebrating all month long in this house too. :)

That cake looks AMAZING!

Where did you get the girls' tutus? Both of them are the prettiest ones I've seen - I love how bold the color is... and the polka dots, oh my!

Emily said...

yay golf clubs! kye is proud ;)