Sunday, November 21, 2010

Farrah is Twelve Months!

Doesn't she look so much older here?

And, do you think she's glad these pictures are over? :) :)

This month, Farrah:
-got teeth #6 and #7
-had her first ear infection
-is still at two naps
-sleeping so much better at night
-learned to go up the stairs
-learned to turn around and go down the stairs
-crusing along furniture much more confidently
-learned how to perfect screaming every time Bella comes near her, so that I get onto Bella :)
-still a mama's girl
-turbo crawler
-still super flexible, but checked out fine with doctors
-first and maybe last Peanut Butter and Jelly :(

She is awesome! I am so glad we did these monthly pictures, because life with 2 is CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

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Nana Julie said...

She looks so much like Bella in the first pic & I LOVE the second one!! What a sweet little girl! I love that you did the pics every month. I know it is a lot of pressure ( Christmas card pics) but sooooo worth it! I think you should continue it !!