Saturday, November 27, 2010

Farrah's First Birthday Party

Farrah's Birthday Party was a "Pink Bear" Theme... (coming from the monthly pictures). The decorations came out just as I wanted them to, and the weather couldn't have been better! I had first envisioned a small family party, but then of course didn't want to jip Farrah of celebrating her first year like we did Bella! We had a great crowd - LOTS of family and just a few family/kids. But it was filled with people who LOVE Farrah for sure!!
The pictures above we staged after the party (after the table cloths were removed, etc.) I didn't get a picture of the cute food - cupcakes with chocolate bears on the top, pink rice krispie treats, cute cups, etc. We had chili and a few different snacks.
Oh! And then I found the perfect dress! A pink toile dress with bears on sale at Gymboree!
The Greens
Ice Cream!
(that sister loved to feed her)
Smash Cake:
Bear Cake
I stripped her down because this was the first time in the day the camera came out. I didn't want to get any on that dress before pics!!
She DID not like all the attention on her!
Melissa's mom let us borrow their jumpy house again! It was perfect! Thank you, Amanda and Doug!!!
Farrah_Jumpy House portrait
A couple of friends joined us! AbigailFarrah_AbigailAmelie_JumpyHouse
Uncle Ryan:
Nana and GDaddy:
Farrah's Pretty Aunts: Chelsie and Melissa
Lots of thoughtful gifts!
"Talking" on her phone

We enjoyed celebrating her first year! This party was so much fun to do. Thanks for all the family and friends who helped make the day special.


whittakerwoman said...

So sweet. Loved the pink pumpkins. Happy birthday Farrah!

Emily said...

super adorable 1st birthday party! LOVE it!!!

chelsie said...

it's funny because i remember after looking at bella's one year birthday pics and being like.. she looks older! and i thought the same thing about farrah, all the sudden she looks less baby like, but still very much a sweetbabyangel. alright, i'm coming home soon. need kisses :)