Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This weekend, we went to CornDawgs!
All my blogger friends said good things about it, and my cheap self had saved a $2/off coupon back in like September! I thought when I saw it, it would be a fun outing to do a corn maze and pumpkin farm or something in October. I had no idea until I heard people talking about it that it had so much more. Then, I also had no idea it was open until Nov 14!! And I guess no one else knew either, because it was not busy at all! And, they made the tickets $10! So, with our little ones and coupons, we got in for $16.
They had a petting zoo, bounce houses, a corn pool!, and our favorite was the "red neck slide" for lack of a better name. It was fun!!

It made for a good outing to tire some kiddos out!

Then, last night, we went to see a drive thru Christmas light show. It was synced with 6 Christmas songs. I guess like the Lake Lanier or Callaway Gardens show. (I can't remember if I've been to those??) But it's like $25 to do them, but the word on the street here in L'ville is that a coupon came with the water bill to get in free this week only. So that's what we did for a little fun surprise with the girls on a rainy Monday night. And there were maybe 10 other cars at the same time! It was awesome, the girls loved it!!!

So, I guess I am so cheap that I like a pumpkin patch place in Novemeber and Christmas lights when it's still 70 degrees :)

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