Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eventful, Crazy Day!

So this morning, I took Farrah in to the pediatric orthopedic to get her flexibility checked out. The doctor said she's "loosy goosy" which is what my pediatrician said! She's fine. :) It was a super short appt, and now I can just go sign her up for some gymnastics!

She's been fighting a cold (we all have this week, but you know babies are just the most pitiful!) I feel bad because she just got over an ear infection she got last week!!

Ok... so a past story -- when I was shopping at Sam's for Bella's birthday party, someone was giving out Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches as a sample. (you know - those Smuckers Uncrustables). I hadn't fed Farrah any Peanut Butter yet, and I certainly didn't want to try while out shopping. But I made the mistake of letting Bella have a sample.

Well, Farrah of course wants whatever Bella has and grabbed it, smashing it everywhere!!! I didn't really think about her not having any at that point - I was busy calming Bella down and wiping Farrah down!! Those aren't fun to clean up!! Anyway, Farrah didn't eat any, but it was on her. When we went to check out, I noticed a few spots on her face. I was worried, but then also thought the spots could be from Bella jabbing her sippy cup into Farrah's face while trying to share :) By the time we were home, they were gone. But I didn't forget and wanted to try in a more predictable setting (at home!)

Yesterday I gave her a taste of some, and she was fine.

BTW - when did yall give your kids PB&J?

Anyhow... today, i thought it would be a good lunch. She ate about a half of a PB&J and then started rubbing her eyes. At first, I thought she was just tired and then rubbed it in her eyes and they were irritated. Then she wouldn't stop and I couldn't clean her fast enough. So I swooped her up and put her in the bath. (This all happened really quickly - she is sick, super tired from no nap and doc visit this am, and now lunch in her eye!) I thought a bath would be good - and then maybe a nice long nap and a break for mama!

Then I noticed spots on her torso!!!!!! It happened so fast but they just kept appearing! It was lunch time and all the pediatrician offices were at LUNCH! I was home with a swollen eyed, runny nose, spotty baby - with a 3 year old asking me 500 questions. (She was wanting me to take her shirt off so she could put on my sports bra, among other things!) I was trying to stay calm while answering Bella, watching Farrah (her demeanor was fine), and looking at Google answers. Not a good thing to do, btw.

Doesn't she look pitiful?? She really was happy to be in the tub... just playing and stuff, but she looked so pitiful with her red eyes!

Mom and Dad were about 2 min away and had the mind to say, "give her some Benedryl!" That made the symptoms go away pretty fast.

Dang, it was scary. It's weird how you can be freaking out and stay calm for your kids (well, Bella might think I was mean for making her TIME OUT on her bed!)

This is a long post. But these are just some of the thoughts that were running through my head!!!

Oh, and when I did get a hold of a nurse, she said I should have waited until she was 2. That didn't help my guilt! But I swear that hasn't always been the case! Rules change all the time...

I couldn't help to just sit and watch her sleep afterwards. Just to make sure she was ok. WebMD will make you do those things.

Thankful that she is ok. And that her flexibility is just a natural talent. :)


Jill said...

Oh no Katie!! That's just crazy!! So sorry! I actually have given Lindy a few Uncrustables...like you, I kind of figured the rules change all the time and I tend to think the advice we are given is too uptight. But you never know...so sorry this happened to you! And so annoying that the nurse told you you should of waited..umm...UNhelpful. No Mommy needs to be given a guilt trip. Ever. We live with those in our heads all the time. =)

Julie Tiemann said...

Oh, Katie! How scary!! I had someone tell me the "two year" rule the other day, and I was like, "Whaaaa?" The rule was ONE year old JUST LAST YEAR when Amelia was one! Those silly rules. Your mama's intuition was spot-on: you made sure to try it at home and in small doses. You did great! We did wait until Amelia was a year and a half to try, but Lily was one year minus a day (literally) when I gave her some to try. I couldn't wait to make the same lunch for both of them. ;) Sorry that she's allergic (but maybe she'll outgrow it soon!), but yay that your bendy baby is just bendy. :)

Emily said...

My pediatrician totally said wait until he's one and on his first birthday i gave it to him (which was super stupid of me looking back on it thank God he was fine!!!). she looks SOOO sad in the tub with all that red poor thing :( Glad the benadryl helped and that her flexibility is fine. You had one of those days huh? :)

Kelly Ford said...

We gave Rhyan peanut butter around 10 months old. She lives on PBJ's for lunch. YOu shouldnt have ANY mommy guilt, seriously!

Allison Wolfe said...

how pitiful! Abbey Claire eats PB&J's a lot. I didn't know you had to wait until 2? It seems like everyone says something different. Then, all pediatricians differ on the benadryl thing too. It's crazy!

Amanda Odom said...

Like others have said, don't feel bad. My pediatrician told me that a new study had come out that said the earlier they get peanut butter, the less likely they will become allergic, so he said Gavin could have it at 9 months. I know it had to be scary. Hopefully she will grow out of it...

ashleybailes said...

Don't worry about it...your not a bad mom! Caden had a bad reaction to peanut butter when he was 18 months..face started swelling, he was wheezing etc! We had to go to an allergist and carry an EpiPen! Just don't give her peanut butter again or her reaction may be worse the next time! Its so hard to know what your kids can/can't eat! Bless her heart and yours, I know its a scary feeling!