Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was fun! We spent Wed night with the Green's. Wednesday day was preparation day - all the women come together to cut, peel, prepare and cook. We arrived late because Bella was sick!! But I was able to help with the homemade mac and cheese and deviled eggs :) I think deviled eggs were my "thing" this year. I brought them to 3 family events. ha!
Chris' mom's side of the family came over Thursday to the Green's and we ATE IT UP! :) It was a beautiful day! Bella was still running a high temp, but it didn't really slow her down.
Thanksgiving night, we headed just down the way to my Grandmother's house. There, we ate again - and it was just as yummy!!! I love Thanksgiving food. Or, food.

Here are a few random shots. One of our lenses is in the shop! So, it may not seem like a big deal - but Chris is limited :)

I think we are in trouble. With both of them. SASS!

Gotta love the turkey bows I scored off Esty last year:

With (second) cousin Gracie

Their wedding is getting so close!! I can't wait to have another great sister!

Chelsie modeling Grandmother's tree. Her tree is always SOOO beautiful, along with her whole house. She actually gets paid to decorate other people's homes this time of year. She's so good at it!! And, it looks even better with that hottie in front of it. ;)

By the end of Thanksgiving night, I was the kind of tired that I call "almost-in-tears-tired"

I am so thankful for all sides of our family - that there is so much tradition in the Green's getting together and the women cooking. And, this was my first Thanksgiving without my Grandmom. :( So I am thankful that my other Grandmother got us all together this year. Thanksgiving was always my dad's mom - "Grandmom's" holiday - I did miss her fruit salad this year. Next year! I will make it!

Bella coughed and coughed and her temperature was so high for three days. She's better now, after being diagnosed with strep. But we have seen our FAIR share of the doctor the last few weeks!! We go again tomorrow for their 1 and 3 year well checks!! I had to take Farrah in Monday for the blood work for allergy testing. Wish me luck with shots tomorrow!!!


Allison Wolfe said...

First, I hope everyone feels better soon! I totally understand!

Second, "Chris is limited". Good grief. Those pictures are amazing! I wish he would come take some of us for Christmas!

Emily said...

I agree with Allison...A-MAZING pictures!!! the one of Ryan and Melissa is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! Can I trade you husbands for a couple weeks so I can get some good pics? :)