Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wedding weekend

Last weekend, as I had mentioned, Chris was in his cousin Brad's wedding and Bella was the flower girl. Maggie, the bride, was sweet and included Bella and I in the bridesmaid festivities that weekend!
First, we went to the Bridesmaid Luncheon at the Swan House. Maggie gave Bella a beautiful pearl necklace to wear in the wedding.

Then, she pampered us. Bella had her finger & toes painted (big girl!) and I was treated to a pedicure (Thank you, Maggie!) It was such a fun day with my little Bella.

That night, we had rehearsal. And I had "Double Trouble" on my hands. They were loving running ALL over the huge Catholic Church. I have to say they looked adorable, though.

Bella did great as the flower girl. The reception was at the Atlanta History Museum. It was super nice and I just knew we were going to break something. My mother-in-law was awesome in helping wrangle during dinner.

Then we all had a great time dancing together! We partied until 10:30! Farrah was a dancing fool!
I was nervous about having them up so late, but it worked out well. And Chris loved having the girls there. He made the comment that "It's crazy to think I only have a few weddings like this to dance with the girls before I'm the father of the bride and dancing a Father/Daughter dance." So true.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

great photos! looks like y'all had a great time. your girls are just beautiful - like their mother!

Julie Tiemann said...

The girls look BEAUTIFUL!

But come on, Chris, just a FEW weddings to go to? They're only, what 4 and 2? Surely there are many more weddings to come before y'all marry them off. ;)