Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zoo lately

With the recent good weather, we've been enjoying to zoo more again! Our current favorite thing is the parakeet exhibit. We spend at least 20 minutes in there each time (that is a lot on one exhibit, if you ask this mom!). There are sticks with birdseed on them you can buy for $1. Tip: don't buy them. Many times, people will give you theirs when they are done because it would take forever for all the birdseed to get eaten OR they are just laying randomly on the ground.

These pics are from last Friday. Look at these sweet sisters.


To be honest, this is how a lot of our pics are. Bella being sassy and Farrah won't make eye contact. Or the other way around. :)

Then we alternate visits to either the train or the carousel. Farrah loves to yell "TRAIN!" every time she hears it throughout the zoo. But as soon as it's time to get on, she does NOT like it (specifically the tunnel). But that is getting better.

We love this picture. She saw Bella swinging, and had to do it, too. I just love her hair!!


And we rode the carousel that day...


We love the zoo!

OH wait... I just found some more pics on my phone from a previous visit:

I told ya... they love these birds!

And... we get on the train and everything is fine...

Then the engine starts up and she loses it...


Kelly Ford said...

Random maybe, but her hair in that pic reminds me of a blonde version of ELVIS hair! HA! Love those big curls!!!

Julie Tiemann said...

I love her hair too!

These pics are amazing - I have such camera envy (says the girl who rarley uses the SLR we have... My iPhone has ruined me. I would love to know what lens y'all use most often though...