Monday, July 28, 2008

Cape San Blas - Day One

What a night. We didn't really get a whole lot accomplished before Bella went to bed on Saturday night. So, we started packing at about 8pm for our week-long trip to Florida. The McIver's were stopping by our house at 2:30am for our departure, and doing the math...that didn't leave much time for sleep.

After a few high-fives from the McIver boys, we left our house at 2:55am. We drove through the night only stopping for Waffle House coffee and bacon-egg-and-cheese-sandwiches at 4:30am in Phenix City, Alabama. (By the way, the WH was out of drink lids, ham, hamburger meat, and as I discovered on my way out...Coke. Tried to sneakily substitute Diet Coke...not on my watch.)

We arrived at Stephanie and Perry's house (aunt and uncle) around 8:00am, and we had a good ol' southern breakfast before promptly departing for Grandmom's and Grandpop's house, just minutes up the road in the thriving metropolis of Wewahitchka, FL. Let me remind you of our favorite establishment there, "Club Wewa," which is located on the broad side of a gas station.

Grandmom isn't doing so well, but it was great to see her toughing it through for us...(you're in our prayers, Grandmom). Carl (Grandpop) is such a trooper...and is taking great care of Grandmom.

After a couple of 10-minute-long naps, we finally dispatched to Cape San Blas around 3:00pm, Saturday...tired, grumpy, hungry, and a bit excited.

And, we found time to sneak in a 5-minute photo shoot of Bella in the late afternoon sunlight. Enjoy.

Bella looking out the window at the beach:

Bella is standing up on her own:


"GG" said...

She is growing up way to fast! She will be walking before you know it! She is absolutely beautiful and you take such wonderful pictures of your girls! Thanks for sharing! I'm off to Gulfport today!
Love ya,

Reeder Family said...

Awesome pictures!! She is precious!! Ya'll have a great vacation!

morgan collins said...

precious as always...hope yall are having fun...I'm jealous!

Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

I think Chris needs to go into photography. He can work wonders with that camera!!

Hard to believe that Bella is already standing up on her own. I feel like she shouldn't be more than about three months old, and it's actually almost been a year. Wow! Little humans sure do grow quickly!

Enjoy the beach!