Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our neck of the woods

Here's a little bit of our neighborhood. As much as I will sound sarcastic, we do love it down here. It's just humorous sometimes!

Let's see... to start... we have an amazing shopping center with a great Target, Barnes & Noble, Kroger, Lowes, Ru Sans, Willy's, Coldstone, and Five Guys... you get the picture. We use all of these often. On the way there, though, look at this classyness, San Diego:
"Stay Fly: Clothing, Apparel and Rims"

And once you get to Target, you might see something like this:

And then on your way back, you might catch a glimpse of someone who wants to blast his music and not turn on the A/C.

Now, something I am pumped about!! Our pool (actually, it's a public/city pool) just got a huge renovation. So huge that it just opened back up July 4th. But it's awesome! It has a zero-entry kiddie pool. Meaning, it slowly gets deeper. It is great because Bella can crawl in the water! I have been very excited because we can walk to the pool and it's a fun after work activity for all 3 of us.

I can walk to the Masterson's. I can walk to my aunt's house.
You may have seen the news about this big fire on our street Friday morning. It's sad; one of the ladies had lived here over 60 years.

We have great neighbors. Kirstin and Mike just got engaged a couple of weeks ago!

They are moving to Australia for 4 years in a couple of months! We will miss them but are happy for them and the opportunity.
And Bella fits right in!


"GG" said...

Grant Park's answer to the new PUNKY BREWSTER!!!

worshipdesign@thevine said...

das right that inner gangsta. Bella and Tanner are so going to be friends :) what-what

morgan collins said...

look at that lil hood sweet!

First Family Photo said...

Hey Katie and Chris, this is so funny about your neighborhood. Cracks me up. I love the new pool near your guys. Zero entry is good for the kiddies. Bella looks so cute and I LOVE the family pics from Seaside. Looks like you had a great vacation.

B Green said...

In the famous words of DJ Khaled..."She's so hood!" Now, she just needs a baby gold grill for those 2-4 baby teeth.

The Highfill Family said...

We just got a zero entry pool near our house. They are great! It give fair warning before they go into water over their head. Eases our minds a bit...just a little bit though. Hope you are all having a good summer!!