Saturday, July 26, 2008

Aubrey Ciara Schaub

I am so excited. Our friends Beth & Kyle started a blog!

Beth and Kyle moved in next to Chris and I when we were in our first year of marriage and in a new apartment. They, too, were newlyweds - but were in a totally new city and state. They moved to Atlanta from Michigan while Kyle was doing his residency. They now reside in Sarasota where Kyle works in a practice for optometry.

The Schaub's were our first "couple friends" - you know, when you get married, all 4 of you have to get along. We had such great chemistry with Kyle and Beth. We have always felt Kyle and Beth were put next door to us in this large apt complex, in this huge city, for a reason. The four of us were like roommates. Seriously - we watched tv together (Newlyweds! Beth loved her some Jessica and Nick) in our pj's, shopped, played golf/tennis, ate a lot, did Buckhead church in the old grocery store and had great talks. It was kinda like college days or like the Real World. Beth introduced me to so many fun things, and I just love her to death. They will forever be a part of the "first fun year of marriage memories". Good times.

Anyways... that is my ode to Beth! :) We talked today and it just reminds me how special that time was together. And I miss them. Sigh. Good friends are great.

And now... they are parents! Aubrey is so beautiful and perfect. I can't wait to meet her. Check out their blog for some fun videos and pictures of their first days together!

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