Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 4th Got Owned

We owned July 4th this year. No wimping out because we have a baby.

We packed up the truck on Thursday evening and headed to Athens to hang out with Kelly and Bobby, Tangy (TAN-JEE), and Morgan. On Friday we did, however, wimp out on fireworks, and decided to hang around KelBob's house instead. After Astro decided to run away for bout an hour just after dark, we hunted him down, and then...hit the sack. Jealous?

I didn't pull out the camera until the last day, bout an hour before we left, but it was good fun. We wrapped up our thrilling weekend with a great dinner at California Pizza Kitchen at Atlantic Station with the Green's. Welp, I'm out of are some pics.

She's so fun:

But it's not always giggles:

Bella loving on Astro:


Tangy and Bandit:

Bella and Bobby:

The Green's:

B Green getting some love on the blog:

And finally...people laughing...

We love you very long time.


morgan collins said...

"bout an hour"...what's the deal with that?

morgan collins said...

by the way can you tell little assie that I'm going to kick his little assie if he ever runs off like that again!

B. Green said...

Seriously, no more unauthorized photos of me on the blog. I honestly feel like I don't look like that. I needed to be sucking in as well. Not happy C. Green or KT. Not happy.