Saturday, July 12, 2008


Bella turned 9 months yesterday. We can't believe it!

It's fun to see her little personality come out more - and also a little sad to see her grow up! She's becomes a tad more independent everyday- although she still loves to cuddle and loves her Mama and Da-Da (Da-Da is her fav word, too!!)

Bella has 4 teeth coming in right now - two are sticking out just past the gums and 2 more are right behind it. So although it's hard sometimes going to sleep, I secretly love the clinginess and hugs she needs.

  • Bella is now crawling all over the house! She loves chasing Astro because he's not very fast. She thinks it is so funny.

  • She's pulling up on us and standing up quickly, but really just on us, not on objects (crib).

  • She's started some finger foods - loves sweet peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and mango. She's not so much a fan of banana. I am not sure if it's the taste or the mushiness of picking them up!

  • She waves "hey"

  • She gives GREAT kisses! To us and to a baby doll. I think she'd give them to the dogs if she could catch them.

  • She's a water baby. Mama loves that! Our neighborhood pool just was renovated and we are pumped! (Another blog coming soon)

Here are some pictures from yesterday, her true 9 month day:


I am so in love with this little person. I can't imagine life without Bella Reese. Her laughs and giggles light up my world; her babble and cry melts my heart. I absolutely love being a mom and I'm grateful for everyday I have on this earth with her.


worshipdesign@thevine said...

how gorgeous! they grow up so fast. i wonder what she's thinking in the serious poses?

"GG" said...

Absolutely beautiful...both of you! Love ya!

Julie said...

I miss y'all! I love you!!!!

Amber said...

so sweet. We love watching the babies grow together. So awesome!!

morgan collins said...

that serious pose is precious!

Anonymous said...

I love that room color! I love that sweet baby too, but the room color makes me jealous that we live in a house of tan! Oh one day I can paint again! H