Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not sure what day it is!

We have no cell signal here. It's nice. I forget what day it is. Our TV makes a terrible high pitched noise, so it has stayed off. (Chris wanted me to say, for his audio guys, it's 13.5K). If it weren't for internet access... we would be totally disconnected.

Not that it is quiet around here:

Our day starts EARLY! 6ish. So yesterday, Chris and I both got up and took Bella (in all of our pjs) to the beach for some early morning shots. It was cool to be the only ones on the beach and to see the sun rise!

Bella at the Beach, look at those teeth!!

In her personal pool:

She doesn't last long down here... saltwater and hands in the eyes don't mix well. She's here with Grandmother. (AKA Nana and Gmama)


morgan collins said...

only yall could pull off fresh-outta-the-bed-still-in-my-pjs pics. nicely done.

bg said...

6ish? Geez, it looks like sundown. I look like death at that time.

"GG" said...

Looks like a perfect vacation. Hope you all had a great time and made lots of memories!