Monday, August 10, 2009

Cape San Blas post #2

So I have been trying to figure out how to even post about the trip. We have such great pictures that Chris took. But I am still in beach mode - super relaxed - not wanted to do much at all!!!
So I am going to break it up in a lot of pieces. That way, I can make a lot of posts about it and not have to think too much!

We ate in most nights. Ryan and Melissa were the kings of the kitchen. Seriously, they are great cooks! Melissa's Patio Rice was my favorite.

Here we are trying to figure out ways to keep onion tears away:

And here are the boys making kabobs:

One of the first nights, we had a scallop pasta night. My dad, grandad and aunt and uncle went scalloping in the bay and brought home TONS!
We also had a stuffed shells night and a taco night courtesy of Ryan and Melissa.
Now, aren't they a beautiful couple?

Our nights out were great too -- more to come later.

Oh, and since I am talking about Ryan... his dog Lola came to the beach with us, too:

Super sweet dog. But I am pretty sure we left one of her puppies behind with all the hair she sheds.


"GG" said...

Sounds and looks like a most memorable trip! Here's to loving the beach!!!! Great pics and they do make a very an adorable couple!

julie said...

I want to go back!!!!!!

Chelsie said...

the patio rice was my favorite too!!