Monday, August 17, 2009

"I DID IT!!"

Bella has been quite interested in the potty for a while now. Before vacation, she used it a couple of times when I put her on it. I expressed that I'd like to potty train when we returned home from vacation.

However, once home, it totally scared me. Was I ready for this? I have been so tired (where's my third trimester energy?!? Hopefully coming soon!) I wasn't sure I was ready for it. But.... I went for it after reading a friend of a friend's blog about her experience... it inspired me.... and we didn't have any plans for Saturday, so we bunkered down and started the process.

Oh, while Chris and I grouted the kitchen back splash. haaaaaaa.

Basically, the route I went was to have her just in a tshirt - quick, easy access to the potty anytime. Here are our results so far:

Day #1: Saturday
We started off pretty well. She had tons of successes on the potty, and only two accidents during the day. Both of which she was just playing and realized a little too late she was going. :) We also had her first successful #2 on the potty. We used M&M's as a reward (1 for pee pee, 2 for poo poo) :) We celebrated every success big time and made flushing and saying "bye-bye" a big deal. She ran to the potty many times by herself. That felt great!
We left the house once for dinner at Willy's and a trip to Lowe's. I was excited she returned home with a dry diaper, and then went when we got home.
Overall, a great day for a first day...

Day #2: Sunday
Bella woke up WAAAYYYY early. I don't know if it was this new experience or what! She typically sleeps until 8-8:30 (and even 9 sometimes) so a 6:30 wake up time was totally strange and got me (and her) all out of whack.
The morning went accident free. When we went to church, I took her to the little kid toilet in the nursery. I wasn't sure what she'd think about it, but she went pee pee. Celebration! I am assuming she also went more during the service in her diaper because she had a new diaper on when I picked her up. We went to the mall for lunch and stopped at some stores inside. But we got home, dry, and she went again. Throughout the day, she went #2 unprompted twice! That was great. (And gross to transfer in the big toilet and flush, yuck!) But we celebrated like crazy!!! (and sent dad a iPhone pic-haaaaaaaa!) We had two accidents - but overall, was a great day!!!

Day #3: Monday
She went to school in the morning. I don't think I prepared very well. I was sort of winging it, and she has been practically naked at home. She can't really do that there! I sent her with diapers and no real plan. So, they tried every 30 minutes, and tried a pull up. She cried when she went #2 in the Pull Up, I think she was confused because it probably feels like a diaper/swim diaper. So that afternoon, we bought some cloth training diapers -- she did well all afternoon, accident free. Today... we'll try those at school!

Her teachers are so great in helping with this! I am sure that seeing her classmates all go through potty training recently is one reason she's had some interest. They are all so great in doing what we want and working with us at school.

So, I'm in this pretty deep. Part of me is like "YES!" and feels like she is getting it. Another part is wondering if I started too early, just having mom doubt. But overall, I think I'm doing the right thing. I guess it's not an overnight thing... this potty training isn't for sissies!! :) I am proud of her, though. Oh how I would love to only have one in diapers...

Oh, and it's crazy how much she looks like a big girl in big girl underwear. My little baby is growing so fast!


Rachael said...

HAHA Oh that video made me laugh out loud. I do the same dance after I go! :P

You are so brave, and I don't think it is to early! You know Bella best, and it will be fine!

julie said...

You made me laugh out loud also! Love that big - little girl.

Melissa Gouge said...

Yay Bella! Thanks for posting that fun, cute and hilarious! :)

B Green said...

I do the same dance too. That was awesome! so stinkin cute

B Green said...

OH, and loved the "censored" sign. I laughed so hard it made me burp. Weird, I know.

Scott and Katie said...

Yeah did it! That is so awesome. Won't it be nice to not have to buy diapers for a little bit before the new ones came. Love you and Chris' reaction. I tried a couple months back with Rileigh and I thought she was ready and it did not work out. I think if I tried right now she would...I just have to get motivated.

Kelly Ford said...

LOVE the "censored" part~ Jeff and I were laughing our butts off! She's just so adorable!!
GO BELLA! (and mommy for working so hard on it!!!)

maryhanks said...

Yea Bella!!! Yea Mom & Dad!!!
The cotton training pants beat pull-ups by a mile! Going commando around the house, wearing just a t-shirt is also the way to "go"! ...and M&M's? Can't ever go wrong w/ those unless you're like me and eat them all (had to switch to Reeses Pieces --- no temptation! Happy for you all!