Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Potty Training Diary

Don't feel like you have to read unless you are just curious about potty training or really bored :) I just like to write this down because it's my LIFE right now! :) I like the challenge.

Day #3: Monday
Monday Bella went to work with Daddy for the morning. I didn't prepare too well, as she was used to going comando. I guess I thought she'd just understand and start going potty :) No really, I just don't know what I'm doing! She was a little confused with a pull up on. That night we went and got cloth pull ups (basically thicker big girl panties). She did well in them that afternoon and evening; no accidents. She's still sleeping in a diaper, of course. I made a better plan of attack for school the next day to try.

Day #4: Tuesday
Bella again went to Waumba for the morning. This time I armed her with the M&M treats, and she went wearing the cloth diapers. She had one accident, but waited until I got there to change her into the diaper for nap time and she went #2 in it. She woke up dry from the nap and we had an accident-free afternoon and evening. (I thought, keep reading...) She's initiating at home going potty... just running there when she needs to go. We worked on the coordination of actually pulling down the undies. I think she likes going comando, as it's a struggle to get the undies back on her. She thinks it's hilarious and takes off running. Sometimes I just let her go with it.
That brings me to a funny story. GG was here visiting. Kristy and Josie came over to visit. So, I thought I'd get Bella a little more dressed. I went to get her underwear and bring it into the living room. As I unfold it, I hear "PLOP!" I guess the sneaky girl had gone #2, but we just didn't notice! Nasty. But pretty funny.

Day #5: Wednesday
I thought about bunkering down, cleaning, and maybe venturing out to the grocery store today... with my real mission of getting Bella potty trained by the end of the day once and for all (like how I speak so positively like that would happen in a day?!?)
Then Kristy called and we made a quick decision to venture out to the Yellow River Game Ranch. I decided to be brave and let her wear the cloth diaper on the way. (Not a super quick drive). I feel like the diaper is a little confusing, so the less I can use it, the better. I also took along a portable potty. We tried it out in the parking lot when we got there, but she didn't go. About halfway through the trail, she started going in her pants. She was tugging at the potty stored under the stroller. We got it out and she finished in the portable potty. I felt good about this because 1) we are bound to have accidents while out - why not in a nasty game ranch where we are walking thru animial poo anyway?!? 2) She didn't like the feeling (yay!) and 3) she recognized the potty and went for it, where she is suppose to go.
We changed clothes right there on the trail. Afterwards, we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. I brought the potty seat in and she went at the resturant after lunch. Score, I want her to get used to going different places!

So, I've decided pee-pee is going pretty well. While attempting to go once today, she took off comando and pooped in the living room. So, I feel like I am picking up after a dog. Nice.

I think things are clicking, though. It's not perfect, but she's getting it! And she's starting to ask for treats... sounds like a lot of mistakes (2x a day right now!) but we are having many more successes!


Rachael said...

I'm so glad! Keep it up Mama!

Amber said...

Coltan and i have watched the "Bella pee pee" video countless times now. He loves it and it's good motivation. Now, when he's on the potty I tell him to push again like Bella did and he talks about Bella on the potty. Cracks me up. We are on this road, too. Commando day tomorrow I think...maybe even this afternoon. Just be grateful you don't get sprayed routinely like I do :) You are doing awesome!!!!!!!