Saturday, August 22, 2009

Potty Diary (days 6 & 7)

So, we finished out a week of potty training!

And she's a reader :)

She's going to kill me for that someday. But isn't it precious?

Day 6: Thursday
Bella went to school in the morning and had NO ACCIDENTS! 3 pee pees on the potty! Yahoo! This was cool for me to hear, because she's going somewhere good other than home! We had a successful #2 on the potty at home and many #1's. All initiated by her. One accident when she heard water running... she had a look on her face like, "uh-oh" and ran to the potty. She finished there. :) Overall, great day!!!

Day 7: Friday
She had a great morning at home, all potty time initiated by herself. She woke up dry from a 3 hour nap, and we were trying to leave home for an hour drive to Lawrenceville. She didn't have to go when she woke up, so I put a diaper on her in fear that she would go in the car. When we were about 5 minutes away from my parents house, she started whining about the "potty." We told her to hold it (not sure she understands, but we said it anyways!) And she did! Right when we got there, we showed her Nana's potty and she went.

I am a happy Mama! It's exciting, but also just too cool to see her learning!

This will be my last "Potty Training Diary" entry for now. Here's to hoping it sticks!


julie said...

She did it!!!

"GG" said...

Amazing!!! Bella is so intelligent! Not even 2 years old and is able to say and do so many things! Blessed!!!! Great job Mommy!!! and Daddy too!!!

Kelly Ford said...

I'm so proud of both of you!!!!
And yes, i love the reading pic, too. Good times...

B Green said...

KT, are you a reader too?

whittakerwoman said...

The first days are the hardest. Keep it up! One day you will look back and think. How did I ever do that! H

kelly walker said...

This is SO great! Congrats!!! Just in time to not have to have 2 in diapers!!! :)