Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are in Cape San Blas... having a great time. Bella is doing great at the beach, actually playing in the sand this time around. We've been doing whatever we want... there are enough people here at the house that something is always going on...

Here are some pics from the first day.
Carlos let us borrow his camera and WOW! Chris already takes great pics, but this camera rocks!!!!

Katie's Grandmother (Grandie to Bella)

Katie's Granddaddy

Chelsie and her friend Sarah
Ryan and his girlfriend Melissa

G-Daddy and Bella

Nana and Bella


Terry Miller said...

Hot Pink Nana!! Woowoo! Julie's turnin' heads on the beach! Thanks for posting pictures of your vacation (especially Sarah & Chels!) I miss them. Give everyone my love and I hope ya'll have a safe and relaxing time..

"GG" said...

Great pics of everyone! Hope you all enjoy your vacation! Love the hot pink Jules! And really love Jack's hat! Enjoy yourselves and relax! Love ya!

Amber said...

that pic of you smiling in the pool is GORGEOUS!!!!

The Riley Family said...

This is your last vacation with Bella! Hard to believe you will have two next year at this time. Love you.