Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bella's first hair cut

Right before we left to go to Pigtails and Crewcuts:

We wanted to get Bella's hair evened out, because it's different lengths all over. But I of course didn't want to lose any length! (it's taken 2 years+ for it to get this long!)

She loved getting in the car. Then we buckled her in and she started to get unsure. She almost lost it when the lady tried to put a smock around her. But, all was good when she got hold of a sucker.

Look how much it's grown in a year!!!

Farrah trying to contain her excitement:

There's not much difference in the hair cut, but I can tell :) And it was a fun experience - a toy train to play with before hand, a sucker, TV, and a toy from the treasure chest when she finished.

Nice nap on the water bottle on the way home. Sweet girl.


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"GG" said...

Such a big girl!!!! Another great memory captured! What would we do without blogs and video cameras and iPhones, etc. Farrah just chill'n.