Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Farrah is Two Months Old!

Two months. It seems like she is growing so fast, right before our eyes, but yet it seems like we've known her so much longer!

I don't know her offical weight, but by my unofficial scale games, she's around 13 lbs!?! And I swear she's 4 feet tall. Haha. I am switching peditricans, so I'll be off about two weeks on her stats. :)

Farrah is such a good, sweet baby. She is sleeping through the night!! Praise the Lord! She traveled to Florida like a champ - didn't cry a bit and slept the whole time. We've figured out the fussiness at night was over-stimulation. If she becomes fussy, she needs a nap AWAY from the craziness of the Green household the night brings. Almost like a reset button!

The second month of Farrah being with us has brought with it smiles and more smiles. They are hard to capture in pictures (partly because we fail to get the camera out as much!) Is there anything sweeter than a smiling, cooing baby?

Well, maybe... two, sweet smiling girls :) Love my girls, they have my heart.


Rachael said...

Get that baby a bigger diaper!! LOL She looks exactly like Chris to me! :)

Emily said...

LOVE the family pic from the beach. you have SUCH a beautiful family!!! And a very attractive husband btw! :)

Julie Tiemann said...

Oh wow, check out that belly! It looks like it's begging to get zerberts. :) She's SO cute! And I LOVE that photo of y'all on the beach.

b green said...

Happy two months!!!! She is a giant! I miss her face, and ya'lls faces too.