Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here are some fun videos!

Farrah recently started smiling. I've been trying to get them on camera for a week or two now, and finally caught some good ones on film! She is so sweet. Can't wait to hear what her little laugh sounds like.

Here is one of my attempts at getting a smile, and big sister wanting the camera on her. BTW, she loves the word "sandwich". She cracked herself up to sleep the other night saying it over and over.

Here's our 4 mintues (MAX!) in the snow the other day. It was just too darn cold!! Bella was so excited to look out of the house at the snow and talk about snowmen, but wasn't too excited about going out there. Thanks, Erin and Maggie, for the snowsuit!!! Bella wanted to know why I wasn't wearing one, too.

We got all bundled up (Farrah had a cute warm jacket/onesie thing on from her Uncle Ryan) I wanted to go out first to get a video of Bella coming out. We had no idea how cold it was, so I went out, and right back in!! So, this is Farrah's experience of the snow :)

Ok, here's Bella's best Jay Sean:

And, she'll kill me for this one day...


Nana said...

Love! Love! Love the videos. Love! Love! Love ya'll!

Tara said...

love all those videos. What sweet girls. And I am still holding out hope that Bella and Ramsey will meet one day and fall in love. She is soooo cute!

Julie Tiemann said...

Hahaha! Yes, you'll pay for that last one, but it will be worth it. ;) She looks so sad to be peeing in the bushes!

Lily watched these vidos with me and seemed quite taken with Farrah. Maybe they'll be friends one day!

"GG" said...

Y'all are way too much fun to watch!!! Great job parents!!!

Melissa Gouge said...

Love the videos! Farrah's smile is sweet and I loved Bella (and Chris) singing Down. Love yall lots!