Monday, January 4, 2010

update (aka: rambling post)

Farrah is now 6.5 weeks. We are sort-of in a schedule around here, or at least some level of normalcy or something that doesn't look like total chaos :) Around 4 weeks, I quit waking her every 3 hours at night like the doctor wanted. I could tell she was putting on weight - and who wants to wake a sleeping baby when the mama is so darn tired too?? She's now just waking up once (around 3-4 AM I think - I'm too half asleep to remember!) and sleeping like a champ. I haven't been brave enough to put her in the room with Bella yet. I'm still so tired and sleeping so heavy, I guess I'm worried I wouldn't hear her. And that would result in screaming and feeling bad that I didn't hear her, or waking Bella up. So, I'd rather wait a bit longer.

Farrah is starting to smile - which totally melts my heart. It's so fun to catch these (usually right after she's eaten, or when I come back in the room from being away from her.) She also already loves watching her big sister and gives her some gummy grins, too. She's just starting this past week to really watch mobiles and toys hanging above her. She's generally a content baby, although we have had MAJOR fussy time around the dinner hours for about 4 nights this week. My guess is a little gas/ and just being tired from the day. But wow, there is nothing like a screaming baby and when nothing seems to work. I did a little research, and found (online :)) that feeding them (even if it's not "time" to eat), helps move the gas along. That seemed to work tonight. So that is good. ANYTHING to keep that red-faced scream at bay :)

Bella continues to LOVE her baby sister. This afternoon, I took Bella out to Kroger for a few things. She told everyone we passed that she had a baby sister. And Farrah wasn't even with us. She is a proud sister!! She LOVES giving baby kisses, and basically repeating ALL things I say:
"It's ok, baby"
"Baby sister is so cute!!!"
"All better" (sounds like "All Butter")
"Calm down, baby"

And then adds in a few of her own lines:
"Baby, quiet!"

Bella is seriously a little parrot, a little mini-me.
She's talking in complete sentences, non-stop, these days. There's not much she can't say. If I need a compliment, all I have to say is "Bella is pretty" and she'll say, "Mama's pretty!" It's great. Great on days when I haven't brushed my teeth, taken a shower or even looked in the mirror. Some of my other favorites are "Bella's cute" "Bella's Funny" "Bella's Silly" "Bella's Crazy" and my favorite, "Bella's Hot".
Don't hate.

Let's see? What else can I ramble about?

Oh yeah, Chris and I are doing Buckhead Church's 21 day fast. I am fasting from Twitter and Facebook and Words with Friends. (If you don't know what the last thing is on the iPhone, don't ask. It's addictive). We are both fasting from TV. And we're only drinking water and coffee (sounds silly, but we don't drink a lot of coffee around here, and when we need it... we need it :) The point is to spend time in prayer, and I knew Twitter and TV in particular are things I waste TOO much time on.

We are also going to start the 30 day shred... any day now.....

Oh, and I am going to take some dance classes at Dance 411. I love dancing, and keep telling myself to do this. Well, I am doing it. No more time to put things off that I love.

My days mostly just consist of taking care of two precious girls. And feedings, lot of those. But I know these days will go by so fast so I truly do live in that thought everyday, and just enjoy them. Love being a mom. I am just trying to remember I can't do EVERYTHING. So, my house is a wreck. But who am I kidding, it always has been :)

Ok, enough rambling for now. I have some videos to post. Bella and I have frequent "Dance Parties" in the house. Three of my favorite songs are "Forever" by Chris Brown, "Singles Ladies (Put a Ring on It)", and "Down" by Jay Sean. I know, great songs, huh? Along with still singing "Go Tell it on a Mountain" Bella will sing a little "Down". Oh, and she's learned "Boom, Boom, Pow" at school. haha. Videos to come.

Oh! And two questions for you:
1) What did you do for your gassy/fussy baby during that stage? I know different things work for different babies - but love to know what you did.

2) What ideas do you have for activities in the house when it's so cold outside??? I can't watch anymore Wiggles or I might poke out my eyes.


Emily said...

kye was pretty gassy...I used a lot of mylicon drops. it's best to give them after each feeding, it helps! i also would bend his knees and push his legs against his chest...he LOVED it and it almost always produced some gas!!!!

Rachael said...

I am with Emily on the Mylicon. I never tried little tummies, but I know they make something similar to Mylicon. Make sure you get the clear stuff and not the cherry kind for obvious reasons :) I still use it for Macy occasionally!

shea said...

Even though doctors told me the Mylicon didn't really work I still used it. She usually got some sort of relief and I got peace of mind. I also used to do the bicycle movements with her legs while she was laying on her back. And I would massage the bottoms of her feet with my thumb when I had her on the changing table. The massage promotes digestion and seemed to relax her tummy. If you're nursing, then maybe change up your diet a little and see if that helps.
I'm gonna keep a lookout for the inside activity comments, too!

Melissa Gouge said...

Dance classes? How awesome!I have always wanted to take a dance class...I LOVE the hip hop classes at the gym.
AND your house is not a mess...super clean for having 2! I can't wait to see the dancing videos! Love yall!

The Adams Family said...

Mason was a very fussy gasy baby. I would lay him on his back and hold his hips and thighs and gently push up towards his belly. It really worked for him. And sometimes he liked if I would sort of massage or rubb his belly. HE actually still likes that :)
I hear you about the Wiggles! Both of mine are obsessed! I started doing little crafty things. I got them a aqua doodle. (no mess) I also got some of the thin foam shapes and construction paper with washable crayons and just let them have at it. I have some pretty nice art work ;)
Sounds like you are doing great!!! Enjoy it because with 2 it flys by even faster!

Beth said...

I spent A LOT of time bouncing Aiden on a yoga ball during his witching hours. It would work in calming him down nearly 100% of the time, although that might be hard to pull off with two.

On another note, I'm about to start 30 day shred you said...any day now =) Good luck!

Julie Tiemann said...

We started the 30 day shred last night. Killed me. I'm totally pumped about it, but I had to take off tonight because I have to be able to walk tomorrow since it's my office day. So it may take us more then 30 days to "shred," but we are committed! :) Good luck!

Allison Wolfe said...

We had major gas problems too, by we, I mean Derrick and Abigail...kidding (kinda), just Abigail. Mylicon worked sometimes, but Gripe Water worked the absolute best. Love that stuff. And if she ever has hiccups, do a little gripe water and they are gone in seconds. I had to stop breastfeeding because it made her gassy. I also had to change from the off brand of formula. Once I changed from it to Similac Sensitive R.S., our world completely 100% changed. We started with the ready-to-feed and now we are doing the powder, and she seems to be doing well.

I'm not sure how much of all of that had to do with outgrowing the gas or what though. But the poor thing had a really bad tummy.

Also, I admire you for staying away from Words with Friends. Too bad you couldn't do that BEFORE you whipped my hiney at it.

b green said...

You said, "Don't Hate". Come to the Dark Side!

1. This is how I solve a gassy baby....I pass the child to the nearest female above the age of 21.

2. Indoor Activities....Anytime I help Babysit she always wants Wiggles, I am at a loss. Maybe teach her more fun ways to clean.

Thats all I got...Peace.

ashleybailes said...

Gripe water is a must!! Worked like a charm for us! And I keep my 3 year old entertained with long, long bubble baths, playdoh, and occasionally we will get all the blankets out and make a tent and spend hours reading in our tent!! Good luck!

Kelly Ford said...

Loved me some mylicon, gripe water and the leg exercise techniques :-) Rhyan totally had a witching hour (or 2 or 3) for a couple of weeks (while i was breast feeding). Cluster feeding helped TONS w/ it and helped her sleep better at night. So i would usually do 3 hours all day until around 4pm, then i'd feed every 2 hours till bed.
Loving the post... and i'm glad you're taking a break from all those other things so now you'll have more time to blog :-)!!!

More Than Words said...

I know you don't know me, lol, but i love to read about your girls and see the beautiful pictures yal take :) i have a 4.5 week old little boy that has the wide eyed look like Farrah :) he is a pretty pleasant baby but also gets fussy around dinner. i use gripe water, little tummy drops, and mylicon drops (whatever i have handy) it helps him to lay on his belly on my belly and with a soft blanket. my husband bicycles his legs and that helps too. i have also heard that holding them over your arm with their head in your hand and their legs straddling your elbow helps. hope this comment helps