Monday, January 25, 2010

Traveling to Wewa

This is the first time we've traveled during the day with kid(s). We usually go at night. I have to say, I liked the day time travel. We weren't zombies when we got there, and it wasn't too bad in the car. We took our time with a couple of stops on the way for breakfast at Waffle House and lunch at Zaxby's. Farrah slept the whole time, and Bella got good naps. And Wiggles on the portable DVD player was an awesome tool!

When we stopped at Zaxby's, Bella and Chris played on the "playground" (it was actually just a gravel/grassy place behind Zaxby's with a retaining pond to throw rocks in) :) Chris took some cute pictures of Bella as usual. :)

Yes, Bella is in her pj's that match mama's.

And can I say that Chris has got such an eye. What would I do without him to take such great pics?

Bella liked to pick up rocks, hand them to Chris, and say "1, 2, 3, GO!!" and just laugh so hard when he did so.


"GG" said...

So beautiful!!!! Great job Daddy!!! Love y'all!

Emily said...

I'd LOVE to hear your tips about traveling at night. We've always done it in the day which ends up with me in the back seat half of the time. Is night travel easier? Do you leave when bedtime starts or get them out of bed early in the morning??? I think it may be a good thing to try but we're too nervous to do it!

Julie Tiemann said...

She is just so stinking beautiful!!!

Bek* said...

i love the way bella scrunches her nose when she laughs. adorable.