Friday, January 22, 2010

Gift Idea

On one of her birthdays, I gave my Grandmother (mom's mom) this book:

It was a cool find. She was to fill out all sorts of information, memories, and stories of her childhood, early marriage, faith, her kids and grandkids. Then, give it back to me.

It was one of the coolest gifts I had ever received! It takes a little bit to fill out, so it was a surprise when I got it back some time later. It was so special, I knew I had to have my other grandparents fill one out, too.

So a few years ago, we put one in each of our grandparents and parents stockings. I've received a few back.

It was that much cooler when I had my Grandmom's (dad's mom) book to look back on after she passed a couple of weeks ago. Everyone at the memorial service loved looking back on some of her stories. What a cool thing to have!

Just an idea if you are looking for a special or different gift for a holiday or birthday! They have them for Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Mom's & Dad's!


Stephanie said...

thanks for the idea. i LOVE it. writing the title down now.

abby has that same outfit bella is in on your big blog family picture--too cute.

love seeing your beautiful girls grow up via the blog.

Kelly Ford said...

just got mine in the mail :-) Thanks for the great idea!!!