Monday, August 30, 2010

Farrah is 9 months!

I don't know how to pick from these cute pictures.

Farrah's personality is SOOO coming out! How fun!
And getting her to sit still next to "Pink Bear" is becoming more of an event.
Her top two teeth popped in this month. She was grinding them at first (ahhh! that sound!) But I think that's over with.
We love the tounge out pose! Cracks me up. And let's me check for objects in her mouth!
She's pulling up. She's crawling (in her own way - split style)
"Ok, Dad and Mom, one more!"
SHE'S SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tara said...

SOOOOO stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it. Hope you guys are doing good with the move. You are for sure braver then me. I hate change.

Julie Tiemann said...

Nine months?! Wow! Man, I bet you'll be sad when those rolls disappear - I LOVE a chubby baby!

Kelly Ford said...

Lorddy, she's cute. And looking more like Bella :-)

Melissa Nicole said...

she really is so sweet! Love her so much!

Emily said...

omg ADORABLE! a very emily-ish post as i never feel like I can stop myself from tons of picture-posting :)