Thursday, August 26, 2010

Outlets and Mouth Swabs

Ok - for the last post - those of you (which is most of you) who guessed "Chelsie, Keegan, Chris and Katie" are right. And, I didn't mean to call myself a "cutie" as the title read. I was just going to do a pic of Chelsie and Keegan, then added those two of Chris and I. Just so you know I'm not calling myself a cutie. ha!!

Something that is different with Farrah that I didn't have to worry about with Bella -- she puts every. little. thing. in. her. mouth. I do a mouth swab at least 10times a day and usually find something. It probably doesn't help that we're moving and there's little pieces of trash everywhere. Little bitty pieces.

She also loves the outlets. I had to do a re-check for all the outlet covers.

I didn't really worry about either of these things with Bella.

We do it so much, I think Farrah's first word she recognized was "tongue" That's all I have to say and she'll stick it out for me so that I can see there is nothing there. Awesome.


Allison Wolfe said...

Abbey is the same way. EVERYTHING is put in her mouth. It's so scary (and gross). I cringe when I see a dead bug on the floor because I know that if Abbey C. saw it first, it would have totally been swallowed by her!

Julie Tiemann said...

I've got one of those too. Actually both of my girls are that way (thankfully, that's "was" that way in Amelia's case - they do outgrow it). It keeps this momma sweeping, that's for sure.

Emily said...

ugh not fun! especially while trying to move and having to stop every three seconds to make sure your kid isn't about to choke!!!