Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I promise not all of my posts are about Farrah's flexibility, but you got to check out one of the preferred methods of sleeping:

Then a little morning stretch with breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, Farrah and Bella now "match" with their highchairs. Bella was so excited. :)

She still loves baby food. Liking yogurt. Not a fan of little pieces of pear, banana or cheese. Liking cheerios.

Just in case you wanted to know ;)

Bella eats all kinds of things. Whatever I'm in the mood to fix in the morning. Sometimes it's an egg sandwich, or bagel, banana, or sometimes it's an easy grits morning. She also likes cereal, yogurt, pancakes and waffles. And when her daddy gets up, she often gets her favorite - Chocolate milk. :)

We're moving in T - 3 days. CRAZY!

I recently got contacts. Did I say that already? I've already managed to lose one, burn my eye with contact cleaner, and then find the lost one three weeks later stuck to the side of the toilet bowl. I have NO idea how it got there. But it's like dried on and I can't get it all off. ha! I also bought some cute CHEAP glasses off zennioptical.com, if you are in need of some extras. I always need them because I can't keep track of one pair.

How's that for a random blog?


shea said...

I wanna know what cute house you're moving into next. Good luck with the move. Flexi Farrah is a riot. Your girls are just too much!

Kelly Ford said...

please DO blog more about her flexibility! it amazes me and ALWAYS makes me smile :-)

Julie Tiemann said...

I have to second (or third?) the commenters above me - the Farrah flexibility stuff is HIlarious. Bring on more!!!

Emily said...

I second what Kelly said...bring on more flexible pics and posts!!!! That sleeping position is CRAZY! Good luck with the big move! Don't forget about us while you're busy with your parents all the time ;)

Stephanie said...

this is EXACTLY how our abby used to sleep every night as a baby. she is still this flexible. the doctors were watched her closely to see if it would cause her to walk later even!? it's didn't.
she is still TOTALLY beyond flexible. she sits this way all the time! her legs go completely behind her head--at bella's age!
can totally relate. people seem to gaulk at it!?
fun to know someone else's child is that flexible, too!

The Watsons said...

I would venture to say that you have a professional ballerina or Olympic gymnast on your hands! She's amazing!

Allison Wolfe said...

She is CRAZY flexible! We have that high chair thing too, and we must be doing something wrong with it, because Abbey sits way back in it, and not up straight like your girls' chairs?? When we sit it up, the tray tilts forward - something is wrong.

Anywho - pics are so cute! Good luck with the move! If you need me to help out in any way, I will!