Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guess who these cuties are...

I think these all favor Farrah, and some Bella, in their own way... :)

It's funny because my family all kinda looks alike, and Chris and I look alike (and his family all has strong resemblance)... so I am sure I could post a pic of everyone and there be similarities.

But for now... can you guess who these are?






Rachael said...

1. Chelsie 2. Keegan 3. Chris 4. Katie?

morgan collins said...

chelsie, ryan, chris, katie.

Kelly Ford said...

1. chelsie
2.? one of your brothers but i cant ever remember which is which. haha!
4. you :-)

Emily said...

chelsie, keegan, chris, you! keegan COULD be ryan but I think it looks more like keegan and omg assuming #4 is you bella and farrah favor you SO much!!!

Allison Wolfe said...

1) Chelsie - I think that Farrah looks a lot like her! And Sadly, I remember Chelsie not being too much older than this; 2) Keegan; 3) Chris; 4) You!

Bella definitely looks like Chris now, but not as much as when he was a baby.

Allison Wolfe said...

And seriously, how did we all comment on the pictures and not comment on Mrs McIver's rocking sunglasses?