Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Girl Bed

I can't believe I've never posted about Bella's Big Girl Bed from 8 months ago!!


Nana and GDaddy made this Big Girl Bed for Bella! Isn't it awesome? It's low to the ground, uses a crib/toddler bed mattress, and was upholstered with the room theme.

The pockets are made from Nana's baby blanket!

Now... like all new things with the first child, I wasn't how the best way to introduce/start this new bed with Bella. Since we were getting it right before Farrah was born, my thought was to have it in the room for a bit, and get her used to it. (The girls share a room.) That way, she didn't feel like Farrah was "kicking" her out of her crib. You know... a big girl bed and a sister are two big changes! She loved knowing her "baby sister" was going to be in the crib and she was in a "Big Girl Bed"!

My parents brought it up the day before I was induced. Bella loved it!! So much, in fact, that she was excited to nap in it that day!! We never turned back...

It's perfect, and I love that it's her personalized little bed.

This is a sweet frame GG had made after Bella was born:

And, can you believe she shares this little cute bed with all of her "Friends"????? At nap and bedtime, they are stacked up on each other along the left side of the bed!!


"GG" said...

What a special room for two very special girls! Love it! G-Daddy and Nana did an awesome job on Bella's bed and I'm sure Farrah's going to want one too!!!

Julie Tiemann said...

Um, that is the cutest bed I have ever seen - hands down.

Emily said... are such a cool mom with such a cool family I swear! Who has relatives that talented seriously?!?! I LOVE it!!!! and am glad Bella does too :) Actually I love her whole room! SO cute!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome room for Bella! She is a lucky girl to have such sweet and talented grandparents! Love, the Riley Fam

Nana Julie said...

Can't wait to make Farrah's own special bed! I will never forget how Bella just laid down in her bed that first night like she had slept in it her whole life!