Friday, August 20, 2010

Farrah's 9 month Stats

19 lbs 8 oz - 75th%
28.25 inches tall - 75%
Head 18 inches -90%

The doc wasn't too concerned with her crazy flexibility. But as we talked and watched Farrah, she said, "wow!" and recommended to check her out at a pediatric orthopedic just to make sure. More or less just to make sure she doesn't learn how to pop her legs put of joint, etc. She thinks she's just a "loosy goosey" as her arms are pretty loose, too, and recommended gymnastics ;) But because she's not missing milestones, it's more than likely fine.

She's also discovered this funny face lately. I love this little girl so much!!!!!

She also asked about if she was clingy. Um, yes! Major mommy-itis! (which I secretly love). And it's good to remember that is normal right now. Chris said last night, "What am I, chopped liver?" She has a mom radar for sure. Sweet Mommy's girl!


Emily said...

big head = big brains! :)
what could be wrong with her being so flexible? that's something i wouldn't have even thought to be concerned about! random!

Lindsey said...

she's adorable! happy 3/4 year!

"GG" said...


Julie Tiemann said...

I wouldn't have even thought a thing about the flexibility being a potential problem - sheesh, there's no shortage of things to worry about when you're a mom, is there? Glad she doesn't think it's a big deal though!

Lucky on having a mommy's girl. I wish I had one. Both of my girls have been equal opportunists until recently when Miels became a full-fledged daddy's girl. Sigh.