Monday, April 11, 2011

Bella is 3.5!

Today is April 11th... and Bella is three and a half!
Growing too fast. But watching her grow is awesome.


Bella is just one of the sweetest things ever. She's compassionate, nurturing, smart, beautiful, super active and just as curious as she can be. I think about it everyday - just how big she is getting. I can't believe it. I have told her many times how "I don't want her to grow up!" This has come back to me in these ways:

"I don't want to take a nap today"
"Do you know why we take naps, Bella? It helps our bodies rest and grow."
"But you don't want me to grow up, Mom."
"Why do I have to eat these vitamins, Mom?"
"They help us grow!"
"But... you don't want me to grow up."
Amazing how they can use our words against us.

I call her my "Big Helper" and although I say it sometimes to encourage her to help me more - she really does help me so much! She's my partner in crime and is a great at letting me know (every 2 min) what Farrah is doing. :)

I'm sticking to nap or rest time at the same time as sister (about 1:30 or 2) - and she'll actually nap for a couple of hours about every third day. The other days, she'll come out after an hour and declare, "I'm so silly. I didn't take a nap!" Although I miss the days of a nap every day, I am thankful she gets a rest and is quiet so that Farrah can sleep. Bella will then come out and help me do things - sometimes we do something fun like "cook" - she helped me make granola bars last week.

She also enjoys unloading the groceries (and Farrah is helping with this now, too!), the dishwasher, dressing and undressing herself, setting the table, and using her little dirt devil dust buster!

She also has picked up a habit of coming in our room sometime in the night to "cuddle." Chris and I actually think her love language is Touch (if you know the 5 love languages). She loves to cuddle, and is just overall a very lovey little girl. I love it.

Hmmmm... what else? She can write lots of her letters. She loves to draw faces. She loves "craft time" - water coloring, markers, projects... Likes role playing - grocery store, cash register, cooking for us, etc.
She keeps me ON MY FEET!

Oh, and I'll leave you with some of the funny things she likes to say:

"Mom, we have a situation!"
"Dad, you are a genius!"
"Dad, quit being sassy."
and "My seat belt is too tiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!" (I could do without this one! :))


Nana Julie said...

I can't stand it!!! Time is flying by & you are so right - she is all those things & much more!! Give both those babies a kiss for me. And hold on tight. Before you know it they will be writing in their own blog!!

Emily said...

the older she gets, the more beautiful she's becoming!!!! i wish time would slow down too - i can't IMAGINE what I'll do when naps end! ahhhhh!!!!

Tara said...

Soo cute! Since Ramsey loves to "rock out" so much maybe our two can start their own kid band? :)

Allison Wolfe said...

Ok, so I used to think that she was a spitting image of Chris, but the older she gets, the more I think she looks like you! Not that you and Chris don't look like you could be brother or sister or anything, but still. You totally need to get a portrait done like the one of you - I bet it will look identical!!!!

Julie Tiemann said...

Such a fun update!! She really is a sweet girl. I actually sang in her Waumba class the other morning and it was so fun to see her sing. Happy three and half years, beautiful Bella!

Emily said...

i gave you a blog award on my blog! hope it helps inspire you to get back hardcore blogging bc i love stalking u haha