Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

This year, the girls and I went to the early service and all went to help with Waumba Land (ok, so I was the only one who helped but I'm sure they were on their best behavior! :)) We had our highest attendance day ever (Easter seems to break the record each year!) with 922 total preschoolers Easter day. Isn't that awesome? 922 kids who got to hear "God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever!" I love my church.

Because it was an early morning, we did early naps! 11 am - 1:30 pm they both slept! Score! So I made my deviled eggs and fruit salad. I usually take those because they are kinda hard to mess up. And fruit salad reminds me of my Grandmom and thanksgiving in Wewa.

We then headed up the street to my aunt's where we've been doing Easter for a few years. It works great for Chris to be able to come home between services.

Easter 2010
Easter 2009
Easter 2008(this was not at my aunt's, but it was blogged about, so I'm linking it! :))

We did a (quick) egg hunt. Then I had an egg that would shout out "Come Find Me!!" so I kept hiding that for entertainment. We did lunch and just hung out with the animals and relatives.

Chris got some WINNERS in these pictures!


Bella took to this little boy, Pierce. Watch out, Chris!

Something I did not know before Kristy had these turkeys. Their gobble thingys (what are they called??) change colors depending on their mood. Red is mad. Turkeys are not very cute. haha.

Ok, back to cute things. :) Like Sherman and Tallulah

And these two beautiful babies:

But I might be slightly biased.

Great Easter!

Oh, and I hadn't talked about the Easter Bunny before the Spring Fling the day before. So in the morning, I casually said, "Bella, look at what the Easter Bunny brought you." And Bella says, "Mommmm - Bunnies don't go in houses!!!"



Nana Julie said...

It was a fun day!

Emily said...

you have the BEST style! I love how you dressed them with the hats that didn't perfectly match - so cool and hip and fun! and , duh, ADORABLE too!