Thursday, April 21, 2011


Is there anything better than clean kids after a bath, running around and giggling??

Even though some days are HARD and some are WONDERFUL, I go to bed every night knowing I'm in such a sweet spot in life. Blessed beyond measure.

And I will never get tired of the pitter-patter of little feet and sweet laughter.


Julie Tiemann said...

Soooooo true. I just love having two little girls. Seeing them interact as sisters just melts my heart. Even the hard days... yep, it's worth even those.

And I mean, how stinking cute are they?!

Rachael said...

When us number three?!!

Kelly Ford said...

So funny, Rach... i just asked her that last month :-)
Part of me is sad that Rhyan wont have a little sister (although we're not ruling out having more after this one) b/c your girls are just precious together! They're both adorable, but SO different!
Love all the blogging, lately! Hope you're settling into the old house nicely!

Emily said...

Farrah looks SO stinkin' OLD in this picture!!!!!!!!!!

M. Lynn said...

Love the pics!!!