Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg Hunts and Friends

So far, we've enjoyed two Easter Egg Hunts. There will probably be a couple more this weekend!

Last Friday, my friend Katie invited us to her annual Easter Egg Hunt at her mom's house. Katie is someone I've met through volunteering at church and I so look forward to going every week to catch up with her and Erin, who've I've known since Chris has been working at Buckhead. Erin and Katie's girls are friends and Bella has always loved Erin's little girl Maggie Mae. And now, she thinks Emma Kate is pretty cool, too! Erin has been MORE than generous with handing down clothes to Bella. I swear, I've hardly bought her any shoes. Erin (& Maggie) love shoes and have passed so many things onto us. Katie's girls - Emma Kate and Harper - are just a step ahead in age to Bella and Farrah. Anyways - it is just so fun that Bella has such sweet little girl friends at school and I reap the benefits of great friends there, too!

And Erin and Katie are just two of the great gals I get to work with - There is also Sandi, Courtney, Joy... I am blessed with a fun group to see every week!

Here is a cute picture of Maggie and Bella:

Then here are some of sweet girls going through their eggs!

Then, the girls had a hunt at school this week. The teachers at church are just incredible. They make a wonderful environment for the kids and have something fun planned every week it seems!

Here is Joy, the school director:

Now, that pic is awesome for so many reasons:
1) Joy is ALWAYS this happy and enthusiastic
2) Farrah is very good at "stoneface" and not smiling
3) Joy has a trademark of lipstick and Farrah is staring her lips down!

Here is Ansley, Bella's teacher for a couple of years now:

They are making an Easter craft. Bella loves her teachers Ms. Leslie, Ms. Ansley, and Ansley's mom Mrs. Leah!! (Leah isn't actually her teacher anymore, but Bella still loves to cuddle with her!!)

Here they are on Egg Hunt day (and Purple day, too!)

We girls love our friends!

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M. Lynn said...

I thank God for those who are pouring their hearts, souls and lives into our Green Girls! We all think they are so special too!