Friday, April 29, 2011



Last year, I planted a few tomatoes, a cucumber and some herbs. I didn't know what I was doing, except that all needed full sun. We have a tiny tiny yard - and the side of our house faces west. So i have a tiny strip beside the house that I can plant things.

(I'm not kidding - it's small.)

I harvested a few great tomatoes. Two things kept me from getting more:
1) I planted them a little too close, and so my harvest was not as great.
2) We live on a corner. We had quite a few tomatoes disappear right when they became ripe and perfect. Not sure who it was (although I have a good idea who it was) - but the chicken wire we put up in between the holes of the fence still didn't deter them too much. I guess they thought it was a community garden??

But seriously - look how close we are to the sidewalk.

So this year, I planted just three, further apart. And I expanded to more things in a container garden on the porch side that gets all the sun.

You'll see in these pics just how little room I have.

Chris bought me this book last year, and I've been reading it and learning all about different foods I can grow here and how do take care of them. (I know nothing about this - and for some reason, it's fun to learn). It's like growing for dummies. Now we'll see what I can keep alive and stuff. I figure this is a good trial year.
Monday after Easter, Chris had off work - so we worked in the yard - me on the garden and him on killing the grass/weeds and hopefully we are getting sod today! There's not much better than a new yard in a day! :)

The girls "helped" me. So funny - I'd rake a couple of times - then go help Farrah off the porch. Pick up a plant, then rescue Farrah from the wrath of Bella with the water hose. Think for two seconds, then help Bella scoop the fertilizer. So it's safe to say anything goes slower with kids. :) So after bedtime, still dirty, I went back out and finished in the dark. It was fun. Although I was only slightly scared of the lightening in the distance while holding tomato cages :)

Here are some cute pics of our girls helping.

Farrah tilling up the dirt

Sweet pic
Farrah helping and getting distracted by an airplane!

This year I'm attempting these in containers: strawberry, bell pepper, lettuce, okra, cherry tomato, basil, cilantro, parsley and mint.

And this one again, just because it's sweet :)


sarah said...

i think that is so fun!! i've always wanted a vegetable garden, my mom planted so many herbs in our backyard, and i thought i was so cool she walked outside, grabbed a handful, and used them in dinner! its definitely a learning process, and when weston and i have a yard, i'll need some pointers from you! the girls are so sweet, and i love the new layout! <3

Emily said...

Those dang airplanes sure do cause distractions! I so wanna see this house of yours in person someday!

Lisa Marcia said...

This is great! I can't wait to see the garden. I want to plant one so bad at our next house.