Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hope this keeps up!

Farrah has been using the potty for a couple of months.

Let me clarify:
She uses it only for poo-poo.
And it's almost a necessity... she stands up straight as a stick and can't seem to go otherwise. So one day we just put her on, and it works!
She can now say "potty" and "poo poo"

I'm not bragging on her being advanced or anything - believe me, this is 10x better than the scream that comes from her trying to go in the diaper! haha. But I certainly do hope she keeps it up and doesn't "digress" later. I think it helps some that she sees Bella going and wants to do EVERYTHING Bella does. So far, she doesn't seem to see any correlation in going #1 in the potty, nor can I tell when she even goes and a wet diaper doesn't phase her a bit.

We also have to wait until the very last sec to put her on. She doesn't really want to sit there for long. Although, she copies Bella and asks for a "book".

I can't believe I'm even entering the phase of thinking about potty training. Wasn't she just born?!?!


Melissa Nicole said...

such a big girl! I love her sweet face so much! Really looking forward to seeing yall on Sunday!

M. Lynn said...

She is just amazing and love her so much!